So you want to be a rock star?

Start at the beginning and accept the bitter truth: you are not a rock star.

You might be a rock star one day but right now, you are not a rock star. So, do not act like a rock star just yet. Act like you want to be a rock star. That means be humble, pay attention to the other musicians around you and try to learn as much as you can from everybody else.

Practice, practice and practice some more. You might think you are good but you are never good enough. Record your practices and listen to them. Listen to your mistakes and listen to your improvizations.

Try to get gigs. Get to know other bands and ask them if you can open for them.

Make a demo recording as soon as possible and make it available for sale at gigs. Always have recordings for sale at gigs even if you do not think they are the best recordings ever. Your recordings should have your contact information clearly displayed on the cover and on the media.